Registration Agreement

1) The payments must be made in max. 2 days after the registration. The participant is responsible for ALL costs incurred during registration and paybacks (including bank commissions/fees).

2) If you want to register only Milonga Packages (4, 5 or 6 Milongas), you can purchase your package from Tangorium Marketplace by clicking here. After your purchase, you still need to register from here to enter the event.

3) For all registrations over 100 EURO you need to make a PRE-PAYMENT of 100 EURO (Without Tax) For 100 Euro payment, you will have 8% Tax and 2.5% Bank Commission so you need to pay 110,7 EURO (118 USD) by credit card and in your registration fee it will be written as 100 EURO (not 110,7 EURO) to your registration. CLICK HERE TO PAY Pre Reg Fee at Tangorium. For the pre-payment, you can have an invoice because you are paying the Tax. You will pay the rest of the payment CASH at the festival.

4) This fee is non-refundable and it is the Pre-Payment REGISTRATION FEE and it will be added in to your account as 100 Euro.

5) If there is an unexpected cancellation of the event (Covid 19 and etc.), we will refund your payment immediately to your credit card.

6) The participant is responsible for fulfilling all conditions (e.g. visa, health issues, permission etc.) which are necessary to attend the festival. The organisation team will not be responsible for any loss (e.g. missed flights/classes etc) due to unfulfilled conditions.

7) The organization team reserves the right to change or cancel a part of the organization without prior notice. In such a case, the organization team is only responsible towards registered participants.

8) If the participant will join the organization together with a partner, the participant and his/her partner will have to register SEPARATELY. You must have one registration for every person.

9) Until 1st of September 2022, you can make any change by YOURSELF by entering the computer program with your Password. After 1st of September 2022 till 15th of September 2022, all changes will be made by festival organisation team by contacting us with your email. Any change opposing the contract of Romantica Istanbul is not considered

10) The participant will not be able to change anything after the 15th of September 2022 by contacting us with email.

11) No visitors are allowed to attend the classes. Only the organisation team and participants who are registered and who have already paid, are allowed to attend the respective classes.

12) The registration can not be regarded as fully completed and confirmed until the participant has paid the necessary amount. After receipt of the payment, the participants registration will be transferred to the class and milonga lists. You will pay the rest of the amount CASH at the festival in Istanbul. YOU NEED TO PAY 8% TAX IF YOU WANT TO PAY WITH CREDIT CARD IN ISTANBUL.

13) No video recordings are allowed during classes or shows, without permission of the organisation team.

14) The rooms in the Hotel are not the same. The participant does not have the right to change her/his room during the festival. The rooms are delivered by the Hotel management in random order.


I AGREE>(proceed to registration)