Levels (Cell Colors are indicates levels of the Classes)



DaySessionRoom 1Room 2
Friday18:00-19:15 Gianpiero & Lorena (GL 2111)
Balance and energy: how to match this powerful combination in our dance
Friday 19:30-20:45 Gianpiero & Lorena (GL 4121)
Out of the axis into a close embrace and social space and some dynamic ones in open embrace
Saturday12:00-13:15 Alejandro & Marisol (LM 2211 )
EMBRACE: Finding space in close embrace to be creative in social dancing
Saturday13:30-14:45 Gianpiero & Lorena (GL 2211)
Vals: Flow and rhythmic structure. How do both partners' activity and listening make the difference
Alper & Selen (AS 2121)
Favorite Combinations of Alper and Selen. A couple of chain movements and their variations
Saturday15:00-16:15 Gianpiero & Lorena (GL 1231)
Traditional dynamics in many solutions: how to add plasticity and musicality to standard patterns for more fun and challenge
Jonatan & Ezgi (JE 2232)
Strong Connection and full independence
Saturday16:30-17:45 Alejandro & Marisol (LM 4241)
IMPROVISATION AND CREATIVITY: How to create your own combinations
Alper & Selen (AS 3242)
Forward Boleo and back sacada combinations. The role of disassociation for over pivots
Saturday18:00-19:15 Gianpiero & Lorena (GL 3251)
Timing and body awareness in sacadas, barridas, ganchos: How to make simple and comfortable complex dynamics, some examples
Jonatan & Ezgi (JE 7252)
Milonga (Lisa y traspié)
Sunday12:00-13:15 Alejandro & Marisol (LM 7311)
IS HOW, NOT WHAT: Musicality to open your interpretation
Sunday13:30-14:45 Gianpiero & Lorena (GL 2321)
Milongas: Easy patterns and different beat, if the music we shall meet
Sunday15:00-16:15 Gianpiero & Lorena (GL 7331)
Musicality and interpretation: how to recognize several layers of listening from general to specific and express them in the dance
Sunday16:30-17:45 Alejandro & Marisol (LM 3341)
SACADAS VS GANCHOS: For both roles. Leading and reacting
Sunday18:00-19:15 Gianpiero & Lorena (GL 3331)
Steps, boleos, ganchos, out of axis and deslizes: All of them with one technique