Romantica Istanbul

Todo es Amor

5th-9th October 2022



Dj Maral Bezicioğlu
Dj Maral

When you call for ‘romance’ she is the queen for those tandas. She is so missed for a long time, waiting to born from her ashes.
Dj Maral will be starring for our Romantica İstanbul Festival with your big applauses.

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Burcu İris Tekin
Dj Burjoo

Another wave of romance will touch us smoothly as she warms the dance floor with her magic tandas. Here she is @biris_tekin to make us dance for hours!🌸🤍

İbrahim Seçilmiş
Dj Mr Seçilmiş

Powerfull and rhythmic tandas like his city “motherland of the sun and the sea > Antalya< . Mr seçilmiş is coming to rise our energy to the sky. #mrsecilmiş #romanticaistanbul #tangodj #ibrahimsecilmis #tangofestival #istanbultango #shivatango

Vera Aseeva
Dj Vera

This is the moment where our souls will surround with romance through her tandas. Vera Aseeva will the night blooming flower of our festival🌼🌸⭐️ @aseeva__vera

Serpil Topuz
Dj Serpil Topuz

She is not just a sweetheart but also a wonderful Dj! 🌸🌼 Serpil Topuz will keep you dance all night long❣️

Vera Aseeva
Dj Vera

This is the moment where our souls will surround with romance through her tandas. Vera Aseeva will the night blooming flower of our festival🌼🌸⭐️ @aseeva__vera



Fişek Factory, also known as Fişekhane, is one of the important structures within the body of ``Zeytinburnu Fabrika-i Hümayun``, which is one of the indicators of the modernization efforts of the Ottoman Empire and its army in the first half of the 19th century, a period full of wars.

This historical building, which has a very special place in the history of the city with its industrial identity and has been closed to the public for more than a century, has been brought back to life with a world-class restoration work. Preserving its originality, restored with great precision and redesigned in line with today's needs, Fişekhane takes its visitors on a fascinating journey with its historical atmosphere bearing traces of 19th century architecture.

Dorock XL Venue (Taksim)

t the very heart of İstanbul, for the first time for a Tango event, with all its charm, as being one of the most technologic venue ever, Dorock XL Venue Taksim will blow your minds on a lovely Thursday night. Save the date for the 6 th of October for this new baby of ours Festival🎈

Boat Milonga

Milonga on the Bosphorus where the European and Asia Continents meet

What if we say you can dance one tanda in Asia and the other one in Europe? 80 women and 80 men will have the chance to experience this unforgettable journey of the festival;

The boat Milonga on Bosphorus.. While the beautiful Istanbul embraces you from each side, you will lost yourself in the DJ's best selected tandas as you dance through the sea from 11.00 to 16.00 in the daytime. During your fascinating journey, snacks and drinks will be available on boat. Enjoy Istanbul!


Innpera Hotel TAKSIM

All classes, Opening and Closing milongas and main accommodation of participants and artists will be in Innpera Hotel TAKSIM.

Special Festival Prices
Double: 44 Euro/night
Single: 78 Euro/Night

2 Minutes Walk to Taksim Square
The Best of Business and Class at the Heart of Istanbul
There are plenty of city business hotels in Istanbul, Turkey, but only a few are at the level of class and comfort of Innpera Hotel Istanbul.

By successfully combining exceptional boutique service with excellent meeting facilities, modern architecture, and high-quality accommodation, the 4-star hotel has remained a popular choice since 1964.The rooms here are spacious, bright, carpeted, and air-conditioned.